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Refreshing Cucumber Snack

Prep Time: 5 minutes    Serves: 2

What you’ll need:

2 cucumbers* washed and cut off the stem and root ends of the cucumbers

2 tablespoons Super Mirchi Hot Sauce

¼ cup Greek yogurt


1.    Slice the cucumbers widthwise into rounds, adjusting the thickness of the cut depending on the desired size.

2.     Arrange slices on a serving plate or platter.

3.     In a small glass or ceramic dipping bowl, combine the hot sauce and yogurt and mix well.

4.     Place the dipping bowl in the center of the serving plate. Dip each cucumber slice and enjoy this refreshing and savory snack!

*I recommend English cucumber, which is also known as European cucumber or seedless cucumber.

It is sweeter than the standard cucumber.