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Meet The Mirchi Sauces

If you're looking to branch out from the familiar hot sauces out there and are a true food adventurer, then grab a bottle of Mirchi Hot Sauce and splash away!  

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Super Mirchi

Super Mirchi is our flagship product. This original, tangy, and earthy green hot sauce features fresh herbs like cilantro, seasonings like cumin, lemon juice and the ideal amount of heat.

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Tangy Mirchi is our family’s latest creation. This is my Mom’s awesome & authentic 50-year-old recipe. This sweet and spicy sauce boasts a tangy tamarind flavor complemented by dates and spices.

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Fiery Mirchi is our family’s second creation. This original, aromatic and tangy hot sauce is packed with heat and tempered with sweet red bell peppers and dates.

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Food Patch

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Clearwater, Florida 33755

Our Mirchi sauces are so versatile and they all go great with……….


  Fruits and fresh veggies


  Barbecue meats & vegetables

  Rice and Couscous


Check out our serving tips and recipes for more ideas!


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