Super Mirchi is so versatile and goes great with……….


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Fruits and fresh veggies


Barbecue meats & vegetables

Rice and Couscous



Meet the Mirchi's

If you're looking to branch out from the familiar hot sauces out there and are a true food adventurer, then grab a bottle of Super Mirchi and splash away!  

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Today's Recipes

- Spicy Corn on Cob

- Avocado Powered Toast

- Jazzy Puffed Rice Salad

- Buttery Mirchi Rice

- Fiery Grilled Cheese

- Peppery Grilled Chicken

- Savory Shrimp

Super Mirchi is an original, tangy, and earthy green hot sauce. It features fresh herbs like cilantro, seasonings like cumin, fresh lemon juice and the ideal amount of heat!

We're so proud of our sauce because we use only the freshest ingredients, no artificial preservatives and very low sodium creating the perfect blend of flavors.  

Best of all Super Mirchi is made in our home state of Florida!