Our Story

My Dad created this hot sauce in the 1950s as a young teen in India.  He enjoyed playing cricket with his buddies, and afterwards treating themselves to slices of raw mango, guava and cucumber from the local fruit stand. These slices were seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder, which they quickly tired of. One day his friend said, “if only we had a fresh, tasty and spicy sauce to go with this.” That was the 'aha' moment for my dad because he loved to dabble with vegetables and spices in his mom's kitchen.  


With a mortar and pestle, he ground his favorite herbs, chilies, lemon juice, his mom's homemade special spice mix and created a hot sauce.  He watched nervously as he shared it with his friends……their faces lit up with a smile! Over the years, he has served his hot sauce on sandwiches, salad, fruit, grilled veggies, and so much more!  As a physician, he stands by Super Mirchi's healthy offering.  He quickly built a fan base among friends and family.  With their encouragement, we decided to introduce Super Mirchi hot sauce to a wider audience.  

We partnered with the outstanding IPAC Inc. manufacturing team to bring Super Mirchi to life. Our hope is that it will light up your taste buds, bring a smile of spicy satisfaction and leave you saying yum!!


Dr. Balasa Prasad